Sunday, January 4, 2009

Top 5 Free Internet Sites for Impressing Your Date With Your Creativity (Even If You Are Not Artistic)

The other evening, Sameer, an old friend of mine from my university days asked me how he could impress a girl.

I suppose this is the eternal question, and there will be as many different answers as there are people in this world. However, I told him that I was always impressed by people who could express their creativity.

Sameer was disappointed with my answer. "Unfortunately, I don't have an artistic bone in my body," he said.

I thought about this for quite some time. And then I realised, that just as we have now outsourced our intelligence to search engines, we could now outsource our creativity to an Internet solution. So, I quickly put together the following list and sent it off to Sameer. Today, I heard back from Sameer. Apparently, the list worked. :)

The Top 5 Free Internet Sites for Impressing Your Date With Your Creativity (Even If You Are Not Artistic)

  1. Photofunia: I used this site to create my avatar. A great site that lets you make some amazingly creative and sexy photo manipulations. I can guarantee that you will impress your date if you take a snapshot of her and then run it through one of Photofunia's images. Developed by a creative team in Russia.

  2. Animoto: Would you like to make a music video in less than 2 minutes? All you need to do is upload some recent photos, and animoto does the rest for you. Much better than a slideshow, and it literally takes the amount of time to upload a few photos to the site. Run by a team based out of New York.

  3. Befunky: Change any photo into a Frank Milleresque image like in the movie. Very cool and sexy. Easy to use and incredibly beautiful results. Dveloped by a team based in one of my favourite countries, Turkey.

  4. Fotoflexer: Essentially an easy to use Photoshop equivalent for free. Several advanced options as well ... including retouching photos. Run by a team based in Berkeley.

  5. Prezi: Powerpoint is like, so 2008. Try this service from Hungary. You will never go back to boring old Powerpoint again.