Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Rising Tide is Heading Back Home to India

From San Francisco Chronicle today:

"Sachin Maheshwari has the American dream in his grasp. A job at a venture capital firm. An MBA from Wharton. A resume filled with name-brand companies. And now this immigrant from India is moving back to his homeland.

"Here the industry is mature," said Maheshwari, sitting in his office off Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto. "In India, it's booming. In a sector like investing, it's much more exciting there."

He's not the only one heading back. Vivek Wadhwa, a researcher at Duke University who just finished a survey of Indian and Chinese returnees, predicts that 100,000 Indians will return home in the next five years - compared with only 50,000 who have gone back in the past two decades.

"The trickle," Wadhwa said, "is going to become a flood."

Although Chinese returnees, wary about the whims of the communist government, tend to keep a foot in America - often leaving their families in the United States - "the Indians are going back to stay," Wadhwa said. "They want to start companies there."

That, he said, should be ringing alarm bells up and down Silicon Valley."

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