Friday, March 6, 2009

Smart Babes Profile 6: Danica McKellar

My next smart babes profile is actress Danica McKellar.

Danica is best known in her role in the Emmy award winning TV programme The Wonder Years, where she played Winnie Cooper, the main love interest of Fred Savage throughout the entire series.

Unlike other child actors or actresses, however, Danica did not neglect her studies. Instead, she graduated summa cum laude in mathematics from UCLA.

While still an undergraduate, she published a paper in the Journal of Physics entitled "Percolation and Gibbs states multiplicity for ferromagnetic Ashkin-Teller models on Z2" In this paper, she co-developed a mathematics theorem along with esteemed UCLA mathematics professor Lincoln Chayes, which is now referred to as the 'Chayes-McKellar-Winn theorem'.

After graduation, she wrote two books on mathematics which both became New York Times Bestsellers.

By combining beauty with brains, Danica shows the world that smart babes are truly sexy and shows young girls that even male dominated subjects like mathematics are areas where we can succeed.